Florida Great-Grandmother Going 1,000 Miles Hiking – For Third Time!

If you need a reason to get away from your computer screen
right now and go on a hike, try this…74-year-old Floridian and great-grandmother Joan Hobson is out on a hike
herself right now, walking 1,000 plus miles across her state on the
Florida Trail as a way to celebrate her 75th
birthday this year. The kicker,
to the Palm Beach Post
, is that she is doing this hike, which she started on Dec. 28 and hopes to finish in
May, for the third time now. Her former two go a rounds were in 1997 and 2000. You go Joan!

UPDATE: Joan is working with the Florida Trail Association, an organization which maintains the Florida Trail,
to tell her tale as she goes. Read about her latest trail travels