World’s Best Restaurants

Restaurant Magazine has chosen its 50 best
in the world. Kind of interesting when you think about it, since a list like this would have been
America or Europe-only focused just ten years ago, you know. A sign of globalization, global travel, all that. Pretty
cool that two of them are New York restaurant…even if I’ve never been to Per Se. Maybe it’s time to go.

Here’s the top ten.

1. The Fat Duck — Best in Europe

Bray, Berks, England

2. El Bulli — Chef’s Choice

Montjoi, Spain

3. The French Laundry — Best in Americas

Yountville, Calif.

4. Tetsuya’s — Best in Australasia

Sydney, Australia

5. Gordon Ramsay


6. Pierre Gagnaire


7. Per Se — Highest New Entry

New York

8. Tom Aikens


9. Jean Georges

New York

10. St John