A Place to Stay In Haiti

Haiti, for some reason rarely comes to mind when trying to find a new destination to explore. That’s just me however. A friend of mine who isn’t Haitian has been twice and wants to go back. So there must be other’s like him and if so I’m sure they’d be happy to learn of some cozy spots to rest their heads.

If I found myself touring the country I would certainly like to stumble into the charming New Orleans style city of Jacmel. Noted as one of the countries prettiest cities and less rambunctious locations, the uncommon tourist will find plenty to see and do in Jacmel. There are many small art galleries tucked inside old mansions and beautiful white sand beaches to laze on after checking out the cities Victorian surroundings. Discover Haiti has a nice list of places to crash while visiting the area. Most accommodations seem fairly basic so I wouldn’t expect all inclusive resort action. Though I’m sure you won’t be roughing it either. Consider it a nice place to stay in Haiti.