Water Skiing Schools

Summer means lots of killer opportunities for outdoor activities. Across the country people are putting on their
hiiking boots, stuffing their packs, waxing up their surf boards, lugging their kayaks down to the water. And many
folks rev up their ski boats and head out to do some water skiiing. I love to water ski. I’ve been doing it since I was
a kid on lakes, rivers and the ocean (whiich is always a bit tougher, but if you can ski a rough ocean you can ski
anything). Thinking about water skiiing got me thinking about how someone might improve their skills, which immediately
made me wonder if their were schools out there that can help the amateur pick up this great sport, but also add to the
skill set of folks like myself who know how to ski or wake board, but want to improve. Sure enough, there are ski
schools all over the country. I found this great little
over at the US Waterski Association Web site. And here is
another list that does a much better job of covering states
like California. So if you’re up for taking your skills up a notch, check into these sites and see if there’s a school
for you.