Loving Lance

As Lance Armstrong – cancer survivor, uber-mensch, all-around-intense dude – makes his record-setting big for another Tour de France, some folks might want to learn a bit more about what makes Lance tick. Outside runs a whole series of articles and blurbs about Armstrong, and even features a couple of photos of him, including one with hot, crooning (and significantly older) girlfriend Sheryl Crow.

In the interview, Armstrong waxes about the tour and the amazing course his life has taken, a bit about drugs (of course, he does not take them), and his possible aspirations to run for governor of Texas (apparently he likes the look of the governor’s mansion).

The one piece missing here that made it in the magazine is a short piece by comedian Robin Williams, a hard-core Lance fan, which is a riot. For those interested, you can follow the progress of the Tour on Outside’s site here.