What Locals Love About L.A.

“The gas is almost $3, but I love it here! I’m never leaving Los Angeles!” – My Insane Travel Companion also a Los Angeles Native.

I did my time in Los Angeles, three whole years and I’d surely go back. To visit. Maybe I’ll even settle into a nest of my own again, but if it shouldn’t happen I wouldn’t die. It’s that love hate thing I’ve got going on with the city, but there are certain things that are just unbeatable when it comes to one of Southern California’s most popular and smoggy cities. Nat Geo Traveler has an excellent piece on what the locals dig. What makes the weird, diverse, and possibly normal folks happy and keeps them staying there? The list is actually 30 items deep with many of my personal favorites included like dining in Little Ethiopia, Korea Town’s karaoke favorite Brass Monkey, shopping at The Grove, and cruising the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu. These are the things I miss a lot, but what really makes me want to take a speedy road trip down I-10 is Sunday’s until sunset dancing at the drum circle in Venice Beach, the after hour reggae mixes at Dumas and of naturally my own wonderful friends.

Before I begin to go further with all the memories the article brought back I encourage you to take a look at L.A.’s greatness according to the piece at Nat Geo Traveler and the cutesy photos to go along. It’s fah-boo-lous!