Lance Armstrong on Charlie Rose

As an listener, I have long been a subscriber to the Charlie Rose show. As part of your subscription deal with them, as a basic listener, you get both a book and a subscription each month. The subscription can be news shows like Science Friday or This American Life (sadly, NPR just pulled a bunch of their shows from audible). I love Charlie Rose’s show and I am grateful that I can listen to it on my ipod as I’m walking around the city.

So with that as a prefacing note, you might be interested to know that Lance Armstrong was on Charlie Rose two nights ago, and the interview is now available on It’s very good. They talk about the Tour de France and what he’s going to be doing with his life (a run for governor of Texas?)

(interesting note: I was actually coming back from a run a few months ago and saw Charlie getting out of his car. I was listening to his interview with Lee Raymond of Exxon on my iPod, and I ran up to him, said “Hey Charlie, you gotta hear this!” and stuffed my sweaty ear buds in his ears. He was completely surprised, but very pleased when he heard his own voice coming out of my iPod. I think he suddenly felt more in touch with the younger generation.)