Ngoma Restaurant – Pan African Fare

Decorated with African folk art and taking on the atmosphere of a luxurious Kenyan wildlife lodge, Ngoma does everything but serve just one type of cuisine. Located at 5358 Wilshire Blvd in sunny Los Angeles many walks of life come to taste the different kinds of African cuisine found on the menu. Most of which comes from West, East, and South Africa with little mention of dishes from Northern Africa, but the choices are still many. Check out their menu here. Something about this eastern dish called Samaki Masala sounds too delicious: whole Tilapia in curry-tinged sauce served with Ugali and the choice of collard greens, spinach, or cabbage. Mouth-watering.

Their lunch special runs Tuesday to Friday from 11 AM to 2:30 PM for $6.99. Check them out if all the spots in Little Ethiopia are no longer off the beaten path.