Cross-Country Couple

Some couples believe that nothing is as good for a relationship as
a nice, quiet dinner. Others say a bit of nooky helps strengthen love’s bonds. Marcia and Ken Powers say, bah!, the way
to a spouse’s heart is through a vigorous,
4,900-mile slog
across the continental United States.

Yes, the Powers recently completed a monumental hike, crossing the US from the Atlantic to the Pacific and
thus becoming the first couple to backpack the transcontinental American
Discovery Trail
in one continuous trek. They began this epic adventure on February 27 at Cape
Henlopen in Delaware, setting out with backpacks and high hopes, but little idea of what lay ahead. What did lay
ahead was (at various points) deep snow, quicksand, lightning and sandstorms. They averaged a
very respectable 22 miles a day and took just four days off.

Hats off to them. And I hope they can now squeeze in some good nooky.

(thanks, Carl!)