New York City: Catch Woody Allen at the Cafe Carlyle

For the young New Yorker or city visitor, chances are if you’re heading out for an evening of entertainment, you
will head to the Lower East Side for rock music and food. Or maybe, depending on your taste, you’ll do the Village for
jazz, dropping in late in the eve at, say, Arthur’s Tavern or the Vanguard. All good places, good venues.

But here’s another suggestion that you might find both unusual and strangely satisfying.

Now, you may not be a fan of Dixieland Jazz. If you’re like me, mere mention of the genre conjures up childhood visits
to Disneyland and goofy-looking dudes with Farrell’s moustaches. But if you really take the time to listen to it, I
think you’ll find Dixieland oddly appealing. And if you go to the Cafe
, for a somewhat steep $85, you can not only hear Dixieland performed live, but the clarinetist, the stooped
little guy with the thick glasses, yeah him, he looks familiar doesn’t he? Well, yes, that is Woody Allen. For years
and years Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band have played jazz on Monday nights. He’s playing, in fact, right
now. Anyone can go, and if you get a good seat Woody will
blow his horn and probably cast a speck of spittle right in your martini.

What do you think about that? How about three words: ONLY IN NEW YORK.

Here is the calendar.