Tom Haines’ Blog

We’ve called out Tom Haines work enough times
here, well, it’s obvious we’re pretty enthused by the dude. I thought the
Crossing Divides series he did for the Globe was
about as good as travel journalism gets. He even nailed a Lowell
Thomas Award
this year for Best Travel Journalist of the Year…and got $1500 for it to boot.

Sure, there a lots of folks out there writing good stuff, but Haines is consistently better than the rest. He’s one
of the guys, like Tom Bissell, I actually

to learn more about.  Well, I don’t have to go far now to find out what Haines is up to because
he’s got a blog over at I think it’s been around for a
little whle, but I only just discovered it, and have bookmarked it for future reference. So chances are, you’ll have to
put up with more Gadling posts about him.