Baltimore: Miracle on 34th Street

Here’s another holiday light display that EVERYONE should see at
least once, just to experience the tradition that is known in Baltimore as
The Miracle on 34th Street. Hampden is one of the quirkiest
neighborhoods this side of the Mississippi, and I’ve never met a local who doesn’t love walking
The Avenue for drinks and treats, no matter the season. But Christmas is
an especially great time for dining and shopping in Hampden, and is the only time to experience the gaudiness and glitz
of 34th Street. Pink flamingos, 6-foot plastic snow globes and the famous hubcap Christmas tree (which stays up all
year) are just some of the outlandish decorations that adorn the homes and lawns of 34th Street residents, who start
preparing the festive display several weeks before Thanksgiving. Baltimore’s
tbonemccool has a
great set of shots of 34th Street, including the one
shown here. The 700-block stays ablaze until January 8, 2006, and is definitely worth a trip, hon.