Lao Ocean Girl Blog

I heart bloggers that really put time into their blogs by creating video pieces, vibrant photos and entries that
really make you laugh. I thought
everyone dug this stuff, but silly me. An online friend of mine who uses the internet only for chat and poker asked why
people like myself and Lao Ocean Girl put in an enormous amount of time into
blogging our hearts, souls and sob stories to the net? Uh… Because and it’s cool. He wasn’t impressed with the blog
I’m about to point you guys to, but don’t let his uptight opinion sway you from checking it out.

Lao Ocean
Girl’s blog is awesome and she really keeps it updated. Based out of South
Korea one can gain all kinds of interesting facts about the area from her tales. In a recent gadling post, Erik asked what people in
other countries were doing on the Christmas holiday and though she doesn’t answer provide a direct answer about
Christmas day she does share some new common knowledge on what’s going down on in Seoul on X-Mas eve. Funny entry and worth a
looksie. Other jewels on the site include the photo blogs and video clips.