Atlas of the World – Deluxe

In another life I was a cartographer. Seriously. There is something deep in my genetic constitution that loves
maps, that thrives on the lattices of lines, colors and coordinates that man has devised to show us where we are and
where we are going. So I keep my eyes open for interesting new books about maps and new releases of Atlases. And, lo,
here is that very thing. And we are talking a big project here, folks.

Kelly covered this a while ago, but I got a
look at it at the local Barnes and Noble and it blew me away. I had to write about it.

Atlas of the World: Deluxe
by (Oxford University Press is a weighty tome. This is not a traveling map, unless, of course, you’ve
hired a sherpa to carry it and all its 563 pages for you. And at $150, it is not cheap. But the fact is, a great atlas
is utterly essential to a traveler, it is sustenance the way food and shelter are, and this magnificent new edition of
a tried and true Atlas series seeks to be the ultimate world/globo/politico/socio reference.

Using latest in
digital cartographic technology, the extensive maps herein are crisp, clear, detailed, delicious. The maps are all
updated with name changes and recent developments, for example new provinces in Afghanistan and Indonesia and the
shrinking Aral Sea. I.e. you will not find the USSR on these maps.

And when you ask for the earth, they
give you that and more. In fact, they give you the moon and even the known universe. More things than are dreamt of in
your philosophy. Good stuff and a worthy addition to your already burdened bookshelf.