Word for the Travel Wise (01/10/06)

Now that you’ve traveled by plane to one of Europe’s most popular destinations you’re ready to stretch your limbs a little, bask in the Mediterranean sun, let the cool Aegean Sea breeze whisk through your hair and do some of the most luxurious island hopping known to man. You start in Crete making way to the breath-taking, blue-doomed roofs and ultra-white walls located on Santorini later to head to Mykonos before docking in Athens. After you and your companions spend a day or so being blown away by the country’s ancient architecture, delicious souvlaki, history and hedonism you’re ready to continue your adventures at sea. Though you should already know the word at this point you’ve forgotten. So what is the name of the vessel you must board?

Today’s word is a Greek word from Greece:

toh karavee – boat

Before using that silly expression “It’s all Greek to me,” try using your brain or at least a phrasebook. The Greek language is pretty mind boggling, but I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up a few words. If all else fails just keep saying ‘toh karavee.’ And if you’re a real vagabond maybe someone will hire you as a fish monger and in exchange for your services you’ll get to travel Greece for free.

Online sources for learning Greek for free include BBC Languages and AGNI. The courses at BBC Languages are incredible. Probably one of the best you’ll find online and audio can even be found for today’s word by clicking here. Amerispan offers Greek immersion and language courses in Athens. Pretty pricey, but hey it’s Greece!