100 King Restaurant

Something about being in and
around D.C. gets my taste-buds all wilded up, mouth salivating and eager to taste great food. Ever since I arrived early
this morning I’ve been thinking about dining at the Dukem Ethiopian restaurant which should be
happening in the very near future. So far I’ve had my dad’s good ol’ home cooking which you wouldn’t be able to find on
your own trip to the city, but I kid you not when I tell you it’s absolutely phenomenal! Pointing you to food you’ll
have no access to will do no good so let’s get back on track here and take a look at the 100 King Restaurant located in Alexandria, VA.
Mediterranean dishes are the word so think saffron mussels, braised lamb shank tagine and Turkish zucchini cake. Yum. A
newbie to the area, 100 King shouldn’t be a hard find being the address is the same as the name. If I get the chance
I’ll certainly do my best to swing through, but if you beat me to it let me know your thoughts.

via Daily Candy