Biking Across America

believe we almost missed this incredible, well executed and inspiring piece on grabbing your bike and making the big
trip across America featured in USA Today a few days back.
Sure, I’m not a huge bike enthusiast, but there’s no denying reading this makes me want to go the distance on two
wheels of my own. The writer, Calvin Woodward covers practically everything you might want to know to make your own cross-country bike fantasy
come true. Things like cost, current fitness level, fear factors, emotions, routes, gear accommodation, and tours are
all covered. If for some reason you are a biker and not convinced you, yourself can make the same journey for ‘x’
amount of reasons/excuses make sure you check out Woodward’s photo gallery to catch sight of all you
could very well be missing and more. With spring only a few days away I’d say it’s start time to planning.