Virtual Lewis and Clark

It was arguably one of
the most epic American adventure trips of all time. Heading into the gaping American West to document it’s wildlife,
indigenous peoples and (hopefully) to discover the Northwest Passage. Alas, no Northwest Passage was found, but the
team of explorers led by Lewis And Clark did sent home animals and plants that no one had ever seen before (OK, the
Indians had seem them before) and traversed the American continent, making known an area that to most people was as
forbidden as the edge of the sea.

Well,. now you can relive the Lewis and Clark expedition without leaving
your office chair. National Geographic has got a very
cool, comprehensive site dedicated to the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. With galleries, maps, logs, video and a
whole lot more, you can really delve into the history of the expedition and learn more than you thought possible. Very
cool, and worth a look, perhaps with your kids.