Gadling Spring Cleaning: Reebok Custom Kicks

It’s day
three of our chores and there is still much to do so I’m going to cut to the chase on this one. If the soles of your
shoes are talking, flapping, or simply falling off (for those of you not with it) then please kick it. Kick it to the
dumpster, to the curb, or to the streets whatever you do get those cozy brokeback boots and penny loafers out your
closet. Talk about style cramping!

My recommendation for shoes: Nothing beats having a customized sneaker
and while the limited edition Reebok
found above won’t be entirely unique the 50 individuals who manage to get their hands or feet into on the
winning design will be quite lucky. Crafted by Graham out of somewhere in California the white, green, black and whirly
designed kicks are available as of this month and can be purchased through the catalog at All proceeds
go to UNICEF. Naturally this won’t be the shoe you’ll want to bring along for muddy hikes through woodsy areas so the
best place to be and show off your sneaks is none other than the NYC. I
mean, where else in the world do hundreds of thousands of fashionably and less than fashionably covered feet meet and
beat against the pavement in hurried movement?

To get your own customized kicks for spring click into the
sites below:

  • Nice Kicks – Variety
    of shoes from Air 95, basketball kicks, and nice zooms.
  • Cool Kicks
    Ridiculous number of custom designed shoes and appareal to match.
  • Finish Line – Check out the winner
    featured above and the other ten finalists from the Sneaker Pimps USA Tour.
  • Reebok – Play around in the design lab for hours making the perfect shoe for
    your style.
  • I Love NY – Official tourism site for the state
    of New York.