Jamie Pierre Hucks Record for God

I just came across the story in Outside Magazine of
skier and corpse hurler Jamie Pierre who recently set a world-record for cliff jumping at the Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming.
Pierre, who has made a nice living pulling off radical ski stunts in from of the camera – both moving and still – had
his eyes set on this cliff for many years, but was just waiting for the right conditions. Pierre is a hard-core
Christian, and so uttered several prayers before the jump, one of which no doubt included the phrase, God don’t let
me get squished like a bug
and/or don’t let my legs telescope into my vital organs.

But yo
uknow what? His prayers were answered. The hard-core dude dropped some 245 vertical feet off the back of Fred’s
Mountain (the point where he hucked himself is now called Pierre’s Point), and lived to tell the tale. Of course, the
stunt was captured on film by the folks at Teton Gravity Research who are no
doubt cutting the feat into a new film which this skier and former hucker (though nothing like that) will drop a few
dollars to see.