Top 50 Foods to Eat Before You Die

In the
spirit of the book, the 1000 things to Do before You Die, a glorified Lifelist book (which, I confess, I wish I’d written), the good folks
at Slashfood bring us a wonderful post on the Top 50 foods to eat before you

Well, actually the list comes from the BBC..and those Brits know something about food, don’t
they?…and comes from a voting effort to get viewers and readers to list those food items they most enjoy. Now, I
apologize, but I have to say the list is rather lame. Check ot the top ten items:

   1. Fresh
   2. Lobster
   3. Steak
   4. Thai food
Chinese food
   6. Ice cream
   7. Pizza
   8. Crab
  10. Prawns

Thai food? How general is that? See what I mean? Now, if they’d said, Red Curry
from Topaz Thai on 56th Street, well, now we’re talking. So while I offer the link, I  will say up front I’m rather
disappointed in the list.