(Un)affordable Iceland

There are two topics I regularly post about on Gadling: budget travel and Iceland.  Unfortunately, they are
mutually exclusive. 

Iceland is one of the most expensive places I’ve ever traveled.  It is also one of the most fascinating
and well worth every Krona I spent while there.  Thomas Wagner of the Associated Press agrees.  A recent article of his praises this
amazing country—its warmish February weather, hot springs, snowmobiling, dog sledding and horse rides—while
lamenting over the high cost of food, drink, accommodations and simply getting from point A to B. 

I was dismayed, however, to discover amongst his complaints that he spent $116 on a 45 minute taxi ride from the
airport to his hotel.  I did the same on a very clean and very nice airport shuttle bus for $10.  He also got
corralled into a $44 trip from his hotel to the famous Blue Lagoon hot springs.  There are also much cheaper
options of doing so that involve public transport or other hotel shuttle busses that are more affordable. 

Although expensive places will always be expensive, there are always corners to cut to make things a little more
affordable.  No one should EVER pay $116 for a taxi ride and then complain about the cost.  There are ALWAYS
cheaper alternatives no matter what airport you fly into.