Skip JFK Security Lines

Sounds like a dream come
true, eh? To skip the nasty long security lines
in JFK
all you have to do is be at the Lower Manhattan heliport with your $159 one-way helicopter ticket in hand
for the eight minute ride over to JFK. You all have got an extra $159 to spare, right? I mean you wanted to skip the
line, yes?  This USA Today story
reports the federal government is sending airport screeners and explosive-detection equipment to the heliport so
passengers and their bags can be checked before getting to the airport. By the end of the year rich money-bags with a
little extra dinero to spend will be able to take the choppers into LaGuardia and Newark Airports. Obviously this isn’t
something designed for the average traveler and some folks question the way TSA is deciding to spend federal dollars.
Seems like an overall waste of money if you ask me or am I just one of the bitter budget travelers left to wait it out
in security line?