43 Degrees North, 90 Degrees West

There is no way one could ever possibly tire from reading the multiple stories shared by confluence seekers across the world, even if they’ve been covered in the past. Sure, after reading two or three you’ll want to follow, but even if you don’t you’ll never grow bored. Before reading one has to consider what it is about the entire idea that gets people all geeked up to spend hours in freezing cold, below zero temps with a gadget in hand, navigating their way to a specific latitudes and longitudes?

Todd Barber
has been all over the states seeking confluences from as far back as May 2003 and in his most recent success (W of Ridgeway, Iowa, WI) he provides a full recount from the frigid weather, the generous Midwesterners and his behind the scenes tour of Lambeau Field. I admit this is one of the better stories I’ve read in a while. The more detail the better, and with Todd’s tale I felt myself shivering in my own home hoping he’d nab a good shot of the GPS device and get out of there. If you’re a confluence freak you should at least give this one a glance.

Once I get the time I’ll be ready to invest in a good GPS gadget to take on a spin of my own.

via the Degree Confluence Project