Spring Break Habits Changing

Now I gotta ask you a question: did you EVER think
that "Girls Gone Wild" would become passé? Well it has. At least that’s what a new survey reports from
Hotels.com. The survey of some 300 US adults who’s ages range from 18 to 22 were asked
about their Spring Break priorities. For example, if you had the chance to sit with a margarita in each hand and watch
bikini-clad girls frolic on the beach…or if you had the chance to help starving kids in Africa…which would you
choose? OK, it wasn’t quite like that. The results actually showed that  most people’s notions of an "awesome
spring break" includes a cool hotel, trendy restaurants and nearby shopping. They also say easy access to outdoor
activities like hiking and/or bungee jumping was a big deal. Perhaps there is hope for humanity after all.