Three Days of Rain & Julia Roberts

Just a reminder for all Broadway
fans and theater lovers, tickets for the acclaimed play, Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg, starring Julia Roberts are available for the taking. Well, only some. At this point
there may not be any left, unless you find a generous scalper willing to offer you a break during your NYC stay. MSNBC dishes the details on the Julia’s debut performance last night and
the story behind Three Days of Rain, a drama about a brother and sister who meet up with a childhood friend
for the reading of a will. As far as Roberts’ performance was concerned, the audience seemed to love the Oscar award
winning mega-star, but the official critic’s reviews will not be released until after the April 19th opening night.

(Not because I’m consumed by every-breathing moment of celebrities or anything, but if anyone out there sees
the play drop a line and let me know how it was. It’s all about theater, right?)