Swoop and Squat Car Crash Fraud

Sorry, I seem to be all about road trips today. But I saw this
article in the LA Times
and had to mention it.

This exact thing happened to my dad a few years ago as he
was driving to work in downtown LA. that is, some guy, or team of guys, got in front of him and slammed on the brakes.
My dad rear-ended the guy, who then complained of medical problems. A big insurance pay off was in the works when the
insurance company realized that the guy who got rear ended had done the exact same thing before. Thankfully, he got
nabbed, and my dad didn’t get screwed. But such luck is less than the norm.

Turns out these gangs of
"swoop and squat" shysters are horribly prevalent, especially in traffic-clogged, car-obsessed LA. So if
you’re embarking on your next great road trip ,don’t follow  anyone closely, keep a sharp eye out for those
who may pull in front of you and slam on the brakes, and always have your insurance company look into these matters,
should you get in an accident that seems to fit the above description.