Honeymoon Like a Celebrity

June fast approaches, and with
it, wedding season.  Traditionally, the planning of the wedding often falls to the bride, with the grooms handling
the honeymoons.

So, grooms, how’s the planning coming along?

Well, for those of you who may need a
little help, what about using the honeymoons your favourite celebrities enjoyed as your guide?  About.com has a list of the honeymoons of
famous couples
— some extravagant, some low-key.  For example, after the September 2005 wedding of Demi Moore
and Ashton Kutcher, the couple headed to Europe to start their new married life together.  Britney Spears and Kevin
Federline went almost as far away as you could go from Louisiana, to the islands of Fiji.  And Madonna and Guy
Ritchie?  They went on the down-low, and opting merely to stay at the home of Sting and Trudie Styler.  Okay,
Sting’s home is actually a castle, so I’m guessing Madonna and Guy got lots of alone time, by just staying in one

The article’s definitely worth a look.  Who knows — maybe
you and your bride won’t be the only famous couple at your honeymoon resort!