Spotted In Tangier: Sting And Bruce Springsteen Going Native

This photo pretty much speaks for itself. I came across this interesting snapshot in a shop in Tangier, Morocco. Sting and Bruce Springsteen got to this shop before me and stopped for a photo with the owner.

I like what this image says about the three people. The owner is obviously pleased to have two music superstars in his shop, Sting is being his usual overly serious self and Bruce looks like he’s loving his trip.

Unfortunately the owner wasn’t around and his assistant didn’t know enough English to tell me more about this shot. To me the two stars look younger than they do now and my hunch is that this was taken in the ’90s. Can any fans out there enlighten us?

[Photo by Sean McLachlan]

Passenger on Southwest flight stung by scorpion

First snakes on a plane, now scorpions.

Doug Herbstommer was traveling from Phoenix to Indianapolis on Southwest Airlines and was apparently carrying some non-TSA approved items in his carry-on. As he was rummaging through his bag, he was stung by a scorpion, identified as an Arizona bark scorpion, which had presumably gotten into his bag in Phoenix and come along for the ride. The sting of this kind of scorpion is rarely fatal and Herbstommer was treated when the plane landed in Indianapolis.

Several more baby scorpions were found in Herbstommer’s luggage and in the overhead bin of the plane. They were removed and the jet was fumigated as a precaution.

[via USA Today]

Tobago Jazz Festival

Our family is planning on visiting Tobago in
the next couple of weeks — my mother-in-law is planning on being in town from Cornwall to visit, and we thought we’d
take her over to Trinidad’s sister island for a little rest-and relaxation.  As luck would have it, it turns out
that the weekend we’re planning to go is the same weekend as the Tobago Jazz

This is only the second year of the festival (scheduled for April 21st — 23rd), but check out
the names slated to headline:  Sting, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Patti LaBelle, Natalie Cole, and Vanessa
Williams, not to mention local superstar Machel Montano, just to name a few.  Be sure to check out the official
website ( for more information.

like my mother-in-law may have to do a bit of babysitting one night.

Honeymoon Like a Celebrity

June fast approaches, and with
it, wedding season.  Traditionally, the planning of the wedding often falls to the bride, with the grooms handling
the honeymoons.

So, grooms, how’s the planning coming along?

Well, for those of you who may need a
little help, what about using the honeymoons your favourite celebrities enjoyed as your guide? has a list of the honeymoons of
famous couples
— some extravagant, some low-key.  For example, after the September 2005 wedding of Demi Moore
and Ashton Kutcher, the couple headed to Europe to start their new married life together.  Britney Spears and Kevin
Federline went almost as far away as you could go from Louisiana, to the islands of Fiji.  And Madonna and Guy
Ritchie?  They went on the down-low, and opting merely to stay at the home of Sting and Trudie Styler.  Okay,
Sting’s home is actually a castle, so I’m guessing Madonna and Guy got lots of alone time, by just staying in one

The article’s definitely worth a look.  Who knows — maybe
you and your bride won’t be the only famous couple at your honeymoon resort!