Secret Hotels of Cornwall, England

My husband,
Marcus, grew up in Cornwall, the southwesternmost area of England.  It’s a beautiful place — not only is there surfing, but the area is chock-full of lovely craggy
coastlines, the "heather and moors" you’ve read in any book by any English author, and little thatched-roof
cottages.  We try to return to visit family every year — however, now that Marcus’ mum has sold the large family
house, it’s likely we’ll be staying in inns for any future visits.

So I was excited to find this article in
Budget Travel
Online:  Secret Hotels of Cornwall, England
.  The article features wonderful hotels in famous 
little towns like St. Ives (where you can "meet a man with seven wives"), to inns in smaller villages like
Mousehole (which, contrary to common sense, is pronounced "maw-zel").  If you do make it to England,
it’s worth the 4-5 hour drive from London to Cornwall to check it out.  A tip, however:  avoid the summer
months or other holiday times — Cornwall can get quite crowded.