Boats, Motor Homes, Trailers & More!

I close my eyes for one moment on
Travelizmo and all of a sudden they go on a rampage posting about the latest in speed boats, race boats, fishing boats, sail boats, motor homes, winnebago tour diesels, tent trailers, travel trailers, you name it! (Okay, so it’s actually been a
little over week since they started.) In any case I’m not in the market for such travel related items or big purchases.
I’m trying to make due with the every day rise in gas prices, but for those with the money to splurge and have huge
summer vacation plans in mind, do yourself a favor and check out Travelizmo
now. Something about this Donzi 38 ZR competition race
just leapt out at me. I would say it’s the color, but I’m sure it’s got to be something else.