Cycling Moab

Moab. Even though I cannot say I’ve ever biked
there, I am a massive fan of the IDEA of biking there. Now, I’ve posted here about mountain biking in Utah many times,
and have talked up Moab and several other great places in Utah to ride out your fat tire fantasies. And there’s no harm
in repetition, so I am going to do it again.

First, check out this piece over at (of all places) ABC News, that takes you to the arid basin where
the rocks are slick and the riding is said to be superb. Then hustle over to Outside, which has got nice
recommendation from an earlier month on biking in Utah. In fact, they call out the Telluride-to-Moab mountain-bike
route, a 215-mile pedal that takes you from 14,000-foot peaks and tree-carpeted slopes down to the twisting canyons of
Utah’s red-rock country.  The ride and trail is apparently run San Juan Hut
, and seems to me the way to go.