Blogging The LimoLiner

I must be out
of it. I’d never even heard of the LimoLiner before stumbling across this post over at Jaunted in which the writer
dutifully live blogs the experience of riding in this ultimate bus trip. No it’s not quite like that 1970’s movie
(whose name escapes me) about the party bus that has a Jacuzzi and is filled with babes, but it’s close. There are lots
of TVs aboard, movies (and apparently CNN) are shown, gourmet meals are served and the bus comes equipped with wireless
internet, satellite TV, and ample legroom. I’ll have to think about this for my next jaunt up to Boston from New York
City, the route that the luxury bus currently serves. Of course, unlike trains, the bus is sufferable to one problem
that hasn’t yet been beat by technology: traffic. And that route has lots of it, so don’t expect to make the trip in a