Roadtrip Prep

Ah, the road trip. If ever there was a pair of words that elicit great memories and the promise of future joy, it is road trip. I’ve taken my share of trips, mostly through the West and each time I felt an exhilarative rush being on the road. You, your car, the open windows, music blaring from the speakers, a whole galaxy of uppers, downers, screamers and laughers, a bottle of ether…no wait, that’s a Hunter Thompson book. But you know what I mean.

Well, we’ve done a few posts about great road trips here, and once I recommended (and till do) that you check out the epic tome on the subject: Roadtrip USA, which I highly recommend. But let me also point you to a nice article over at BootsNAll about road trip preparations. Written by Caroline King, the piece gives a quick and dirty list of ideas and Web suggestions for how to make your next road trip a big time success. We’ll be doing a BIG feature on road trips here in the near future, so stay tuned.