Manu Bertin to Kiteboard Atlantic

Of all the new hip happening sports out there, the
one I most want to pick up is kite boarding. I’ve windsurfed, snow-boarded, surfed and sailed, but never have I
done a sport that is a mixture of all of them.

But even if/when I do learn, I doubt I will ever try
something as audacious as Manu Bertin is attempting.
Bertin is considered kiteboarding’s founding father, and at 43, he is undertaking a mammoth adventure. This month
he will attempt to kite-sail across the Atlantic Ocean. You read
that right. Call him the new Columbus, as yes, he will be using three different boards (not named the Nina, Pinta or
Santa Maria…he is also using a boat apparently) with obvious boat assistance. I believe a catamaran will follow
with a crew.

This is true ballsyness and very cool. We’ll be checking in on the effort.

(vai Stellar)