New York's Smaller Museums

After you’ve visited New York numerous times and have seen all the big league tourist sites the city has to
offer, spare a moment for the oft-overlooked, lesser known, more manageable slew of “boutique” museums that
few have heard of and even less have visited. 

Recently, The New York Times ran a brief article highlighting four such museums which
are great in their own respect, but overshadowed by behemoths like the Met. 

Dahesh Museum – European academic art from the 19th-
and 20th-century, with a heavy focus on Middle East pieces. 

Swiss Institute-Contemporary Art – A very
small, one-room venue specializing in, you guessed it, art from Switzerland!

Fashion Institute of Technology
– Not for me, but right up your alley if the thought of 50,000 articles of clothing and 4,000
shoes gets your heart pumping.
Museum of
Chinese in the Americas
– Um, this one is also a bit self-explanatory. Just two-rooms large,
the other MOCA covers the experience of Chinese-American immigrants.
Nicholas Roerich Museum – Nicholas Roerich painted scenes of the
Himalayas.  Lots of them.   Come to the Nicholas Roerich Museum and you will witness the product of 20
years of living in this beautiful mountain range.