Nantucket Wine Festival

The folks over at Luxist, with whom we often seem to overlap in
terms of thematic posts…since they do a fair number of travel or journey-related postings, have got a nice little bit
about the upcoming Nantucket Wine Festival, which take place on May
17 through 21. You’ll get to sip some excellent vino (and probably some crap as well, and hobnob with some "East
Coast luminaries"…who? I have no idea. But wineries from around the world converge on Nantucket from which a man
comes who…oh, never mind.

Anyway, the cost can set you back a bit as the the Showstopper dinner runs
almost $1000…but it seems that may be sold out anyway. Otherwise, a two-hour session costs $65, which isn’t too bad
for both the ambiance and the vino. For more info check out this