Tipping Tips

Here’s a nice piece
from the Washington Post
that falls under the "News You Can Use" category … which, alas, we don’t have.
Not yet, anyway.

The piece takes on the matter of tipping. We all tip at some point, right? Your waiter,
doorman, cabbie, gynecologist, whatever. Knowing what to give whether the service was good or not can be tough. Fifteen
percent? Twenty? I mean, isn’t it the case today that there’s a little bit of tip inflation going on? Isn’t twenty
percent now the accepted standard? And what about the case ,as the article here mentions, of getting a free breakfast
at that all-inclusive hotel in the Bahamas? Is the tip free too?

Well, the article answers some of these
questions and more. For example, did you know that a tip can actually be considered an insult in some places … like
Japan? Well, the articles says so. So give a read and boost your, um, tipping point.