Word for the Travel Wise (04/26/06)

With all the shuffling around
and walking I’ve been doing over the last few days I must admit I’m a bit exhausted. Today I walked 20 miles in an area called Rising Sun, Maryland,
where after a short stretch of flat land the hills became extremely alive. All the uphill and downhill walking certainly
made for an excellent workout and some very sore limbs later on. Somehow these hills all the way across the east coast
made me think of  the walking I’d done in past hilly areas and states like Simi Valley, CA and Hawai’i. When you
spend 6 hours walking 20 miles you tend to think a lot. Yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but this is where I toss today’s
word at you in hopes that you’ll accept my weak walk down memory lane and put this easy word to use on your upcoming
Hawai’ian vacation.

Today’s word is a Hawai’ian
word used in Hawai’i:

mahalo – thank you,

If you’ve got some Hawai’ian vacation travel on the horizon I suggest learning a few
words of the language. For a lingo not as widely spoken as most and on the forefront of being defined completely as a
dead lang it has some of the best free resources on the web. For a list of some common words check out Aloha-Hawaii.
Kamehameha Schools has up to 30 lessons (pretty lengthy and in depth) all
available for viewing on Real Player. Click here to access the
Kulaíwí distance learning
and use if you’ve got some weeks to go before departing. If this doesn’t
fulfill your learning go to Hawai’i School Reports
for additional links.

Past Hawai’ian words: pilikia