Conde Nast's Hot List

I know you:  you’re a
trendsetter.  You’re not likely to go to the hotels everyone’s been to — you’re cutting-edge.  You want to
go to the ones no-one’s heard of… yet.  Early Adopter, that’s what they call you.

Well, lucky for
you, Conde Nast Traveler has just published their Hot List
, featuring the top 130 hotels in the world for 2006.  According to the site, Conde Nast travelers
journeyed incognito all over the world, testing the service and quality of hotels everywhere, to come up with this list
of superior service providers.  If you’re traveling anywhere in the world this year, be sure to check it out — and
for the frugal-minded, don’t miss the best ones under
US$200 per night
.  Definitely worth bookmarking for future reference.