Send Your Kids to Money Camps this Summer!

Instead of singing the same sing song tune on how money doesn’t grow on trees send your children packing this summer to a theme camp. Chances of the kiddies hating your guts for trading in their summer vacation at Disney World for a lesson on trading stocks at some educational, economics summer camp runs fairly high, but in the long run they’ll thank you. MSN Money runs an interesting piece on how more parents are giving traditional camps that focus on fun, swimming, and archery the boot, for camps that will sing their sing song tune for them and teach their children how to get more bang for their buck. Things like passive income, leverage, the real estate business or the stock market are topics camps like The Money Camp will cover for more than 600 kids at The Money Camp this summer at its original location in Santa Barbara, Calif. Other camp locations include Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Mexico City and North Carolina.

So what’s the cost of sending your youngin’s away to learn about needs, wants, and basic economics? According to the article The Money Camp starts at $260 a week for teh first child, but there are several other camps that will teach them all the same and for a lesser price. Millionaire Kids Camp has a two day summer program for $300 and others like the ones sponsored by the North Carolina Bankers Association will send 800 kids to camp courtesy of the state’s banks.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have been begging my parents to send me to a money camp. How lucky is the child that gets to go to Mexico to learn about finances? Ugh!