I’ve Never Been to_____ T-Shirts

So, here I am doing some internet shopping, surfing the www for a cute little top with a lot of flair and personality (and I’m not talking about those stupid new Myspace shirts) when I suddenly make a small discovery of sorts. Not that you care to know, but I’m an impulse buyer and most times I buy things that have a global theme or one that embraces a travel related concept like a bunch of monkeys in a van headed to the beach, a ship sailing the high seas or a giraffe floating up in the sky in a vibrantly colored hot air balloon on a washed out brown colored tee. (I don’t own any of those items.) Anyways here I am visiting one of my favorite sites, Stars and Infinite Darkness when I come across these awesome “I’ve never been to____” tees ($42 USD). There are three from what I can tell and each completes the statement with places like Rhode Island, Paris and Bonfacio. “How cool!” I think.

Seeing how I’ve been a good many places, yet haven’t been to any of the three mentioned I thought these shirts would fit my personality just fine, but before my impulse could click and select my size for purchase I decided to read just a bit more and well found that these “never been” shirts have far more flair than I particularly need. Apparently there is a glow in the dark penis screen printed on the back of each top and perfectly visible when the lights go out. Now why did they think to go and do that? What could have been a great semi-travel related gift just  went out the window for some, but I’m sure many people will buy these nifty tee’s and perhaps no one will notice the glowing phallus on the back.

Just thought to toss it out there for any one looking for a gift for whatever reason these days.