Bay to Breakers: Freaks on the Loose!

There is one day in San Francisco, more so than any other, when all the nut-jobs come out of hiding and parade through this wacky city.

Well, parade is not really the correct term.  More appropriately, they race.  Sort of.  On May 21, some 70,000 “runners” will compete in San Francisco’s annual 7.5 mile Bay to Breakers race. 

But this is not your ordinary, Lycra-wearing, Nike-adorned foot race.  No, that would be far too normal for San Francisco.  Bay to Breakers is a costumed race where competitors don a variety of oddball get-ups and saunter at awkward gaits through the city streets in pursuit of a finish line which nobody is in a real hurry to cross. 

Every year there are a handful of participants who choose to wear nothing at all–the self proclaimed Bare to Breakers contingent.  There are also a group of non-conformists who suit up in salmon outfits, start at the finish line, and take off upstream against the flow of runners.  I don’t know about you, but this really cracks me up.