One Night Stand: Salem, Illinois

If I wasn’t sitting in the Super 8 Motel in Olney, Illinois on the eve of my birthday the small town wouldn’t seem like such a bad place, but since I’m sitting in the Super 8 Motel lobby on the eve of my birthday bawling and blogging all in one I haven’t too much to say about the little area. Oh, wait Olney is home of the White Squirrels and great fishing. Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you folks. There’s a Subway down the road along with a KFC, Burger King, DQ, and family owned Mexican joint. After going with Subway for lunch I figure it’ll be the beans and rice for dinner tonight until I escape in the morning to what has to be a much, MUCH, bigger locale in Illinois – Salem.

That’s right I’m calling all residents of Salem, Illinois with wireless internet, cable, dial-up or whatever you use to connect to the internet to help a girl out. Tell me what makes Salem rock or roll? Or is it Salem has a little more soul? (Sorry for the rhyme, I had to.) I know it’s a bit last minute and even if you don’t make it in time to salvage my birthday (a.k.a. annual day of me, myself and I / cake and eat all the ice cream too / do whatever the heck I want to do day) please, please leave a word or two for other people who may happen to travel thru. So far I’ve found this City of Salem site, which wasn’t too personable or helpful on detailing where the area hot spots a 20-30 something year-old would want to hang out at on any day. Judging from the event calendar I’ll be missing the city pool opening by six days.