Navy Sinks Ship for Massive Artificial Reef

Here’s a bit of news that both divers and military equipment fans can both rejoice over. The US Navy last week sunk an 888-foot U.S. Navy warship into the cerulean waters off the coast of Florida. The ship is a massive vessel, and is said to create the largest artificial reef in the world. Of course, the ship was drained of its harmful fluids and fuels before being sunk, or you can bet the environmental folks would have had a conniption. Pretty neat, though. The ship will sit in some 50 -100 feet of water, making it an ideal diving spot…that is, once fish in the area discover what a great place it is to swim, mate and hang out. The ship, called the USS Oriskany, or the “Mighty O” has a fair bit of history behind it having seen battles in two major wars and several other conflicts.