New York’s Rooftop Bars

As the temperature rises and summer approaches, a New York phenomenon steadies its legs, brushes off the winter wear-and-tear, and throws open its doors to the forlorn, huddled masses who have spent far too long of a winter indoors keeping warm. Yes folks, New York’s rooftop bars are starting to open up for the summer.

While New York’s regular bars are legendary, the city’s rooftop bars offer views, atmosphere and fresh air simply unavailable at street level.  There is truly something very cool about standing, drink in hand, at the top of one of New York’s buildings, surrounded by skyscrapers and the rest of the towering metropolis. 

Thankfully, for those out-of-towners visiting New York that have only seen the top of the Empire State Building, The New York Times has just published an extensive list of the city’s rooftop bars as well as a handful of reviews.  So, find yourself the nearest elevator, press the up button, and join the rooftop dwellers in their seasonal revelry.