Nicky Hilton Hotels

OK, to some extent this should be filed under “who cares?” I mean, don’t the Hilton girls (you know who especially) get enough damn press? Do we really need more column inches dedicated to their various “enterprises”? Well, since this one is particularly travel-related, assuming you stay in a hotel when you travel, I figured I’d mention it. The story comes from sister site Luxist who reports that Paris’s sister Nicky is “thinking of getting into the hotel game”.

That is, Nicky Hilton, also blond, also pretty, also with a slutty glint in her eye, is leveraging her famous name to get into a really odd business given the name: hotels. You mean if you stayed there that you’d be staying in a Hilton Hotel? How odd. And so we learn that Hilton’s manager says Nicky is looking for locations in Miami, Chicago and San Francisco. No word yet on whether there will be free night vision cameras available in all rooms.