Free New York

Having spent the last six-plus years in the Big Apple, I have my own sizeable set of places to go that I love, places I will always take visiting friends to see when they come. The fact is, the city is addled with sites and locations that are free, where you can spend hours just hanging out and snapping away with your camera.

Well, Fodors has decided to list some of these places in a fine piece in their tips section. Many of the sites here are ones I would have put on my own list. For example, the Reading Room at the Public Library. This is one of the coolest places around, especially during the summer when it is hot and miserable, to hang out and read a book. The gaping space is nicely lighted and you can find yourself a comfy space to sit and devour a book or just people watch. Of course, there is also Central Park and Apple store in SOHO, two other spots that would make my own list.