Siam Palace – Bentonville, Arkansas

Good Thai cuisine in Bentonville, Arkansas was the last thing I expected to find, but a slight change of plans lead me and my hungry, exhausted, walking troop to Siam Palace. We strolled in to find the restaurant had only been open for a few days which gives me the perfect opportunity to be one of its first critics. So without further delay allow me to give you the delectable low-down.

Anyone entering Siam Palace for the first time will instantly feel at ease from the soft, pale, greenish-yellow freshly coated walls, dimly lit lights, and various aromas drifting from the kitchen. For a second it almost feels as if you’ve stepped into a dining area adjacent to a soothing spa where the host greets you with a smile warmer than the Thai sun and happily escorts you to your seats. (There are two ways to dine at Siam Palace: the Western way and the Eastern way. My party opted for the Eastern way seated on the floor.) Once settled in order a cool glass of Thai tea. It’s sweeter than most, but not as much as sweet as a dessert. For the main meal – If you’re in the mood for something both sweet and slightly tart order the pineapple chicken dish in a special Siam sauce. If noodles are a priority, sample some traditional style Pad Thai with their own special twist.

Judging from all the happy faces and tummies in my group I figured you could order almost anything off the menu and be pleased all the same if you had opted for a slightly different dish. I enjoyed my experience so much I tried making one last late lunch visit the following day, but found they were closed for a two-hour period of the day. If you’re anywhere near or around Bentonville, make sure this one gets placed on your list of dining destinations. You won’t regret it!

Siam Palace is located at 3404 SE Macy Road Suite 20, Bentonville, AR 72712. Ph. 479.254.8559. Hours vary since the plaza is fairly new with several new businesses springing up. Be sure to call ahead to make sure they are open. Most dishes range from $10-$15.