The Rock Cafe – Stroud, Oklahoma

Alligator burger in Oklahoma?

My curiosity peaked when I saw it on the menu and for as long as I’ve lived in Florida you’d imagined I’d be a pro at sampling the scaly reptile, but the opportunity was never there. OK, well I didn’t exactly go looking for the opportunity either, but when I saw gator burger on the Rock Cafe menu I was willing to give it a go. The description under the burger was something to the effect of alligator meat prepped like an old fashioned salmon patty with regular burger toppings. You know – lettuce, tomato and pickles on the spicy side. Still a little untrusting of the meat, I ordered an additional hamburger in the event the gator didn’t agree with my belly.

Then it was there. It sat there right before me. I suppose I was looking for an alligator snout underneath the bun, but all I found was a patty that could have been a turkey burger for all I knew, but it was gator. Without thinking further I sunk my teeth into the juicy burger as if I had been nursed on the meat all my life and I liked it. I actually enjoyed it and I still had one more hamburger there waiting to wash down the first. Considering I also had a root beer float, I’m sure glad I didn’t get sick.

Should you find yourself cruising down the Historic Route 66 in Stroud, Oklahoma, make sure to stop at the Rock Cafe to create your own Oklahoma gator burger stories. The diner serves an assortment of burgers, po-boy’s, nachos, salads, and breakfast all for a highly reasonable price.

The Rock Cafe is located at 114 W. Main Street, Stroud, OK 74079. Ph. 918.968.3990.